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        About us

        Name:Xi’an Kangcheng Machine Manufature Co., Ltd.

        Address:Building C, No. 5 Lantian Rd., National Hi-tech Aviation Industrial Park, Yanliang, Xi’an, P.R.China



        Post Code:710089



        Company profile
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        Xi'an Kangcheng Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Xi'an Kangcheng or XKC for short) is invested was founded in May 2006, located in No.5 Lantian Road National Aviation Hi-tech Industry Base, Yanliang District, Xi’an, P.R.China. The total assets about RMB 50 million/USD 8 million. The main business scope of the Company is precision and complex structure aviation components manufacture.

        Currently the Company has 150 employees, of which 45 are technical and management personnels, and 95 are operators with required competence and skills. To ensure the competitiveness, the Company has been obtained  5 patents, the main technical and management personnels with over 10 years experience are all from the large manufacturing group in the field of aerospace. Meanwhile, the company also established a group of young and excellent technical and management team. 

        Now, XKC is mainly providing the supporting processing services for XAC, CAC, SAC, Qing-An Group, Hong-yuan Forging company which all from the AVIC Group. The products related to over 10 kinds of aircraft parts machining for the military aircraft, civil aircraft and international subcontracting cooperation (Airbus, Airbus UK, Airbus France).

        The product materials include aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, hign strength structural steel. And the products include the precision shell parts, rotary parts, stringer parts, frame parts and heterotypic complex curved surface parts from the wing, fuselage, undercarriage, trailing edge girder, pylons, airborne equipment of the aircraft.

        Telphone:+86-29-81662610 Fax:+86-29-86856636 Copyright Xi’an Kangcheng Machine Manufature Co., Ltd. Shaanxi ICP No. 14009014 Post Code: 710089

        Address:Building C, No. 5 Lantian Rd., National Hi-tech Aviation Industrial Park, Yanliang, Xi’an, P.R.China  Technical support:Brother Network

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