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        News information

        Name:Xi’an Kangcheng Machine Manufature Co., Ltd.

        Address:Building C, No. 5 Lantian Rd., National Hi-tech Aviation Industrial Park, Yanliang, Xi’an, P.R.China



        Post Code:710089



        Company news
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        Warmly Congratulate XKC was Named the Silver Qualification Supplier by XAC

        (Written in May 31st 2014) In May 2014, Xi’an Kangcheng Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. received the evaluation file of Silver Qualification Supplier in the period of 2013 from AVIC Xi’an Aircraft industury (Group) Company Ltd. (hereafter referred to as XAC)

        Since 2006, XKC was evaluated the qualification supplier by XAC, both of our two company formed a good relationship of cooperation, and we obtained the consistent high praise from departments and branch factories of XAC. The national development planning for aviation industry effectively promote the development and expansion of our private manufacturing enterprises, XKC is constantly building a quality and efficient team through self-innowation, internal reform, and garadually improve the independent core competitiveness. Meanwhile, the company always put the customer benefit and national aviation product quality and safety in the first place. We believe that, by healthiness quality system, capable management team, refined staff, the company will become the vanguard of the private aivation manufaturing field.

        Telphone:+86-29-81662610 Fax:+86-29-86856636 Copyright Xi’an Kangcheng Machine Manufature Co., Ltd. Shaanxi ICP No. 14009014 Post Code: 710089

        Address:Building C, No. 5 Lantian Rd., National Hi-tech Aviation Industrial Park, Yanliang, Xi’an, P.R.China  Technical support:Brother Network

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